Studio Grants

Candidates should manifest an aptitude for creative work and a strong interest in developing a distinctive art practice. A long-term grant is awarded based on a portfolio and the feasibility of a project proposal. The maximum duration of stay is twenty four (24) months.

​Resident artists are encouraged to participate in the company’s adjunct activities such as workshops, outreach and special projects to develop their craft and meet professionals in related fields.

Emerald Studios

Newly Renovated

PFAS Emerald Studios in Antipolo City, Rizal offers work spaces suitable for art production including rest and recreation areas, access to an art library and areas for printmaking, dyeing and carpentry.​

Studio grants are awarded to students and/or practicing artists in the visual, performing and applied arts to provide support early in their development. The studios are suitable for painting, sculpture, dance, industrial design, film, video, photography and textile production.

Open Call Procedures

INITIAL STAGE. Online application

Fill up the online application form and upload one portfolio in PDF file up to a maximum of 10MB with properly labelled photos (300 dpi) of your recent work. Cite related online info, video and audio documentation.

Applicants will receive a status advisory within thirty (30) days.​



Shortlisted applicants may be called for an interview to finalise parameters of the grant.