Studio Grants

Candidates should manifest an aptitude for creative work and a strong interest in developing a distinctive art practice. A long-term grant is awarded based on a portfolio and the feasibility of a project proposal. The maximum duration of stay is twenty four (24) months.

​Resident artists are encouraged to participate in the company’s adjunct activities such as workshops, outreach and special projects to develop their craft and meet professionals in related fields.


Newly Renovated

Taken from the tagalog word “dinurado” referring to a process of dipping objects in precious metals, Durado fabrics take inspiration from local materials, complemented by gilding and relief techniques. Our complex manual processes on abaca, piña, cotton and other vegetals lend a gloss of age and elegance to textiles as precious as gold.

In August 2016, PFAS trekked Mt. Tagapo in search of talahib fields with associate Jenny Aguyong who lives on the island of Talim and crafts accessories in her community out of natural dyes and fibre.

Open Call Procedures

PFAS supports artists and artisans through collaborative on-site training sessions.

To know more about Durado Fabrics contact us at :

mobile +639178199770

email [email protected]

Need more details?

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