Franchesca co

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Cori Franchesca Cinco Co
2017 Inhabit, District Gallery Inaugural Show
            4:20, Kalawakan Space Time
2016 Escape 2016: ILoveYouVirus, 98B Collaboratory
           Time Lapse, TinAw Art Gallery
            Randoms, Tam-awan Village, Baguio City
2016 Ordinary Things, Gallery Big
2015 Rebirth of Sins, Gallery Orange, Bacolod
            Imago Mundi-Luciano Benetton Collection: Map of The
             New Art, Venice, Italy
2015 Surgeons of the Surface, Gallery Big co-presented by
             Deustche Bank
2014 Graffiti Fiesta, Kanto Artist-run Space
            Life Force (mobile interactive installation) VIVA EXCON
             Bacolod City 
2013 420 VI, Light & Space Contemporary
            Nincompoop, Pocket Universe Art Collective
2012 College of Arts and Technology (CIIT), Manila
2008 University of Philippines, Baguio



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