John Yan Yung

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  1. 16 inkjet photos in resealable palastic bag.
  2. 1 foam mat in plastic sack of onions.
  3. 5 plastic containers with figurines.
  4. 1 clear plastic cover with orange tape.
  5. 1 magazine with stainless paper holder.
  6. 1 interview magazine poster
  7. 2 plastic containers with water.
  8. Cutter, Tape, Glue.


  1. Gather all ingredients make sure to recuperate plastic cover with orange tape from an old work.
  2. Cut clay into figures in the shape of two ducks (you can use cookie cutter) and 1 insect, placing them in a plastic container, Align 5 (2 will be empty) in manner of pedestrian lane.
  3. Cut up magazine. Glue paper holder bottom left corner of the magazine and lay down on table with 2 plastic containers filled half way with water.
  4. Tape resealable bags in 2 2 rows of 8 columns on a clean plywood.
  5. Hang plastic cover on the north side and hang foam mat on the center of the space

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Jhon Yan Yung 

born Manila 1976

Lives and Works in Antipolo City Exhibiting Artist in 1990.

Art Therapist at Metropolitan Medical Center since 2015

Art Lecturer since 2015

Foodie and booksale enthusiast

EDUCATION                                          2012 MFA degree on going, University of the Philippines Diliman.

2009 BS. Nursing, Metropolitan Medical Center, Manila

2000 BFA Painting, Sculpture, University of the Philippines, Diliman

1987-1997 courses in film making, Mandarin, Spanish and French

1984-1988 courses in Architecture, Marketing and Psychology.