"Free Fall"

art/n23 @ The German Club Makati

The national highway going south from the capital city of Negros Oriental in 2019 is fraught by th sight of desolate markers. Century old trees have been displaced by road projects in the region and their abandoned roots lie scorched by the roadside. Their hefty trunks are hauled away by poachers in the night and the conveyance of their remains are brought piecemeal to a barren park in the day. How long since these trees have lost their glory? Do their spirits whisper at passing villagers who once knew them? FREE FALL presents stories etched in the lines and crevasses of their remains—an ode to memories and the yearning of shade, fruit and companionship under a hot midday sun. Veteran documentarist Jake Verzosa and naturalist Jean Henri Oracion capture these derelict protagonists in film and digital photography. Their essays are complemented by visual artist Joseph Gabriel’s ceramic meanderings on detritus — solemn studies of atrophy and rebirth.

Art Fair Philippines 2020

art/n23 @ The Link, Makati

Featuring the works of

Issay Rodriguez

Joseph Gabriel

Karl Aguila

Jake Versoza

Jean-Henri Oracion


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